Ebikes rental contract legal terms:

  1. The lessee rent to EBIKETOURS.CAT Flyer’s bicycles model X-MTB or S-Cross Country Deluxe and accessories for the price and period indicated.
  2. The bicycle is rented with a helmet, a charged battery and a lock. The lessee receives the bicycle and accessories in perfect working conditions, having sufficiently reviewed the functionality and agrees to be returned in same condition as when it has received.
  3. The pickup and delivery of the bicycles will be made in accommodations, residences or meeting point agreed, being possible to extend the period of renting previous consultation and acceptance by the tenant and payment according to the established prices. In case of delay the lessee assumes extra payment compensation according to the established rates.
  4. Payment is made upon delivery of the bike and for the total time of the lease period. The customer must provide proof of identity such as ID card, passport or driving license and a credit card that will serve as warranty for possible damages for the duration of this contract.
  5. The user is in depository and custodian of the bike assuming all civil and criminal liabilities until it is appropriate to return it.
  6. Lessee-contractor will make a correct use of the bikes delivered and will be responsible for damage, breakage, loss, theft, burglary, etc.., assuming all expenses required for repair or replacement of equipment rented at list price or market.
  7. Not to leave the bike alone because the lock is not a guarantee against theft. To tie correctly first lock the rear wheel with the frame and secondly with the chain lock the front wheel with the frame to a fixed component of height not less than two meters, or in parking areas for bicycles.
  8. In case of incident / accident affecting the mechanical conditions of the bike, the lessee is obliged to immediately notify to the customer service phone (+34 659 83 84 80). In case of serious accidents or for an official police report call emergency number 112.
  9. If due to inclement weather or a breakdown of the bicycle is not possible to finish the route, the customer can’t make any claim for damages that it may have caused.
  10. It is forbidden the dismantling of partial or total handling of the bike, go to private lands or lands unsuitable, especially sandy beaches.
  11. It is forbidden to use the bike for someone other than the tenant.
  12. The lessee declares to be in perfect health, was able to ride a bike and take the necessary control of the equipment rented.
  13. The lessee is aware of the risks of driving and cycling he/she will be solely responsible for any damage caused to himself, to third parties or any goods, furniture or properties. EBIKETOURS.CAT disclaims any liability in case of accidents in the use of bicycles, covered, in any case to the Civil Liability contracted according to Decree 56/2003 and the user’s insurances contracted voluntarily. EBIKETOURS.CAT also reserves the right to claim against the user of the bicycle in case of misuse or dangerous circulation.
  14. The tenant may unilaterally terminate the contract before the date of its completion in case of serious breach of contract terms by the lessee and the lessee will not be entitled to any type of claim.
  15. Bicycles and accessories related to this lease are owned by EBIKETOURS.CAT, issuer of the contract. In no case the lessee will acquire any property rights over the leased assets.
  16. In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that your data will be included in a database under the responsibility of EBIKETOURS.CAT in order to meet the commitments arising from the contract we have with you.
  17. It is the responsibility of the lessee to comply with traffic regulations in Spain.
  18. For the resolution of any dispute arising under this contract, the contracting parties shall submit to the courts of Tarragona city.